About Us

The NH School Transportation Association is the state's trade association of school districts and private bus contractors providing transportation for the state's school children. The Association has as its main purpose "the highest degree of safety in the transportation of school children", the dealing with common intra-industry problems, and the cooperation with existing allied industries, associations, and governmental agencies for the advancement of school bus transportation. Members of the Association own and/or operate approximately 90 percent of the school buses traveling New Hampshire highways.

Some of its more notable activities are:

  • An annual safe driver awards program to recognize school bus drivers for their safe driving records, and exceptional performance as a "professional".
  • Activity in the N. H. legislature and liaison with Congressional representatives and other government officials to protect the interests of the school bus industry.
  • In-service training workshops for drivers, certified instructor trainers and mechanics and an instructor-trainer development training program.
  • Email communications and newsletters to members.
  • Membership meetings several times a year with appropriate speakers.
  • Spokesmen for the school bus industry and liaison with various state officials and other official bodies.
  • Detailed listing of directions to school athletic events and extra curricular events and field trip facilities throughout the state (located on this website), as an aid to drivers, and others.
  • Consumer information promoting safety of students on school buses.

We encourage you to join fellow contractors, school districts, and church groups in this Association. It is working for your interests and needs your involvement. To join, simply follow this link to our membership application.

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